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  1. Re project reflectoin/Re homework

    September 12, 2013 by caitlina

    Just recently the 5/6s where asked to research a religion and do a expo on what we learnd.

    -Buddas are not a gods

    -they belive in karma

    -Budda are supposed be vegetarians

    -China,Thialand,Vietnam and india have the religion buddhism


    we only did a book but it had alot of info


    I think we could of done something else than a book

  2. Dividing fractions

    August 26, 2013 by caitlina

  3. My Grandma-Re homework

    June 27, 2013 by caitlina

    I think that my Grandma has these gifts of the holy spirit

    WISDOM-I think that my Grandma has the gift wisdom because she is always saying wise things to us like “don’t be afraid its just the dark”

    UNDERSTANDING- I think my Grandma has the gift understanding because she always understands all are worries and other stuff.

    RIGHT JUDGMENT-I think that my Grandma has the gift right judgment because when mum can’t go to church she always brang us because she wanted to

    COURAGE-I think that my Grandma has the gift courage because when my grampa fractured neck she didn’t say “oh no what am i going to do with out him” she said “oh well he will get better and i will visit him all the time”

    KNOWLEDGE- I thinck that my Grandma has the gift knowledge because she choses the right path to god every day of her life

    REVERENCE- I think that my Grandma has the gift reverence because she is always willing to surve god and others like when we were cleaning up the house she said to my mum can i help my mum said no because we are all right but when my um turned around she sarted cleaning up so mum couldn’t say no

    I think that my Grandma has these fruits of the holy spirit

    LOVE-My Grandma shows the fruit love when she says she loves us and when she hugs us but most of all when she kisses us

    JOY-My Grandma has the fruit joy because she always shares joy when somthing joyest happends

    PEACE-My Grandma has the fruit peace because when we go to church and we do peace to be with you i notice that she does it to alot of people

    KINDNESS-MY Gandma has the gift kindness because she allways makes me feel special with her kind words and thoughtfulness

    GOODNESS-I think that my Grandma shows the fruit goodness when she is kind to people especially her Grandchildren

    GENEROSITY-My Grandma shows the gift generosity when she shares her money and time to us and also when she gives us gifts

    GENTELNESS-MY Grandma show the fruit gentelness when when we are ill and want a hug but not too hard she gives us a nice gentel one

    FAITHFULNESS-My Grandma shows faithfulness when she comes to church and join in

    MODESTY-My Grandma shows the fruit modesty because she always puts other people firsst

    CHASTITY-My Grandma shows the fruit chastity because she has been married for 52 years to my grampa

  4. Footprint challenge

    June 23, 2013 by caitlina

    On my footprint challenge I got 2.5 earths which means that I have to reduce the energy consumption to do that I need to turn the lights out when I don’t need it, ride my bike and walk more rather than going in the car , To use less electronics’.

  5. Start and stop poem

    May 30, 2013 by caitlina

    When the sun sets
    The beautiful blue sky turns into a fantastic red and pink sky.
    It is like her beautiful golden hair is reaching down to us to give us the last light of the day.
    When the sun sets

  6. May 13, 2013 by caitlina

    Wyndham Hotel is my favorite place to be on Friday because it is always crazy and i meet my friends.It is also the hotel that my dad manages.I love it because all my dads work mates are nice to me.

    I love playing soccer because it helps me get fit and active.I also love playing because i like playing with my friends.It is fun and active to play. I love playing because my hero Wayne Rooney plays and he plays in my favorite soccer team Manchester united.

    Manchester united
    I love playing hockey because i am not good at it so they just give me tips of how to improve and i am.I like it

  7. Homework-Refection on my week

    May 5, 2013 by caitlina

    On Monday I went to Bellpost Hill to play a soccer tournament with school I think we did really well because we tried are hardest and we won all are games.
    On Tuesday I went to school and did an experiment I think I did really well because I explained it well and the experiment worked and after school I went to my tutor I think I did really well because I did a really good writing piece and then I went to scouts and I think I did really well at drawing a picture for mother’s day.
    On Saturday I went to Melbourne to look at universities for my brothers and sisters I think I did really well because it was really boring and I did not complain.
    On Sunday I played a hockey match I think I did really well because I tried my hardest to win but we didn’t.
    On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I don’t think I did well at literacy because I don’t really pay attention.

  8. Jeannie Baker

    April 30, 2013 by caitlina

    Jeannie Baker was born in Croydon,England on November 2nd 1950.She is a artist,auther and film maker.She is the eldest of six children. As a child she loved painting,drawing and making things.She attended an art collage at Brighton polytechnic before emigrating to australia and then becoming a children writer.She now lives in Sydney.she has dierected several animated movies using her storys
    I like her because she is very creative and because she is an inspiration to children.I don’t like her books are a bit childish and some of them have no words in them

  9. secret in the forest

    April 16, 2013 by caitlina

    1. magical pixies

    2. Am awsome tree house

    3.a wishing tree

    4.a cave made out of gold

    5.a magical island

    6. freindly troll

    7.a talking tree

    8.a magical wond

    9. talking horse

    10. an unknown anmimal

  10. student blogging challenge 1-10 people

    April 16, 2013 by caitlina

    student blogging challenge

    Michael Jackson- who inspired you to make a band with your brothers?

    Ned kelly-When you stole the money from the bank did you give it to the poor?

    amy winehouse-why did you get a plastic surgury?

    taylor swift-who inspierd you to sing so well?

    the glee cast-who inspierd you to join the tv program ?

    Jesus-when found out that your friend betraded you how did you feel?

    ke$ha-how long have you been a singer?

    one direction-who inspired you to go on the x facter?

    justain bieber- why did you become a singer?

    the beatles- how did you feel when you found out that someone murderd your mate?

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